Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Jaaanuaryy!! Two thousand ...EEEIIGT!!!!! *gasp, choke, splutter* Somebody get me a drink!

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I haven't posted anything for a while. There was simply nothing to write. I tried to remember interesting things from Prmk, but I can't remember much. They just seem meaningless and small.
I've actually got a lot of time in my hands. I've got two weeks off, with nothing much to do and nowhere in particular to go. I'm already fed up with Christmas movies, concerts, Santa (I can't believe the extent of the effort people took to deceive children. It's so wrong.), Rudolf, Jingle Bells and all the commercialism and consumerism (I'm not anti Christmas. It's just getting more and more Hollywood). I'm watching tv, switching channels, trying to dodge Christmas-flavored programs. I've just watched a King Cobra swallow a smaller snake. Next would be the history of the British Monarchy. I'm such a geek.
Since the start of the holidays, I've filled my days with housework, tv, dvd, grocery shopping and craftwork. I am happily domesticated. Some of my handywork were beef stew, smoked trout macaroni cheese bake, burritos, and mie goreng. I've embroidered a couple of sleeves, lengthened a pair of jeans (which I previously made too short), and crocheted a pencil case cover. And I'm running out of ideas.
A few days ago I met somebody at the train station. He commented on my two big bags, and we continued to chat. We took the same train. He told me about his work. He said he would give me more information about his organization if I gave him my email address. He got off at Central. A few days later I got an email. Just a friendly one, not about the organization. I didn't reply. On Christmas Day, I sent him a greeting. A few minutes later I got a reply, asking to meet up. That freaked me out. This may be a trivial and ordinary occassion for other people. Not for me. I deleted the email and hope that that would be the end of it.
Since I arrived here I've been hit on by an Italian (60 y/o), a girl (????????) and a ... well, he was quite an ordinary guy (who could also be a psycho, for all I know). Is that an improvement?
The History of the British Monarchy has just ended. Now I know who Oliver Cromwell is. I learned a new word too 'regicide'. What important new knowledge (I'm being sarcastic here, ok).

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Summer Days with Coo

Director : Keiichi Hara Producer : Yoshihiro Iwasaki Original Story : Masao Kogure, Yuichi Watanabe Screenplay : Keiichi Hara Cast : Futo Tomizawa, Naoki Tanaka, Naomi Nishida, Kenichi Nagira

Nice movie.